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Name, Title

My name is Gerry Rufman

Creative 2D+3D animator, Motion Graphics Designer, and VFX professional equipped with a history of success and innovation spanning more

than a decade.
Created high-end content for many international advertising agencies, 

major streaming services including HBO, Amazon Prime, and Paramount+.
Diligent and goal-oriented worker with the skills, knowledge, and experience

needed to make an immediate positive impact on any fast-paced team.

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  • Motion Graphics Designer.

  • Ads, Promotions, Corporate Movies.

  • Project and Budget Management.

  • Coding Programing language in AE and C4D.

  • Team Development.

  • Video Mapping expert.

  • Figma Prototyping.

  • Fluent in English, Hebrew, Spanish.

  • Permanent resident/Green Card holder.

Core Competencies
What former employers and clients had to say about me?

…He always gave 110%, and his proficiency in motion graphics and compositing has helped us make deadlines countless times. I would definitely recommend hiring him for any related position.

I am a storyteller that constantly ask: 
what do I want my viewers to know and feel?

I follow this mindset each day while creating and refining projects until each serves the purpose it was meant to deliver.

With this mentality and my demonstrated experience 

I believe I can make a video for you...

Mini Bio (graphy)

Gerry (Pronounces Gary Like Gary Oldman) is a motion graphics artist based in NYC.

With a great list of credits, he has managed to stay fresh even after more than a decade of continuous work in the post-production industry.

Rufman was born in a small town in southern Israel, and from a very young age, he was passionate about cinema.  He studied Film and TV at Camera Obscura College in Tel Aviv and had taken design CE courses at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

Quite early in his career, he was one of the team members taking credit for winning a Promax Award for an International TV Channel ID.

 Gerry is married to actress Herut Ashkenazi, with whom he has two children.

When he is not working he goes on long bike rides on the Manhattan waterfront and longs his chef days by cooking dinner at home.

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