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I’m a dynamic Video Artist and Senior Motion Graphics Designer seeking to bring 15+ years of progressive experience to an industry-leading organization, advertising agency, production company, or TV broadcast network.
Strong history in high-level video, motion graphics, and animation production roles.

Proven record of creating professional videos while maintaining all quality, brand, and image standards.

Diligent, goal-oriented, and super fast with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to make an immediate positive impact in any creative fast-paced team.

I consider myself a Storyteller that constantly ask what do I want my viewers to know and to feel?

Do you want me to help tell your story?


The Showreel


The ShowReel

Minute+ clip with a collection of my work

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Motion Graphics

Motion design and 2d Animation

I made over the years


3D Animation

The best pieces I've made using only polygons



Examples of visual special effects I've worked on aka VFX



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