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How to create a simple motion graphics video with low to no budget?

You might think that to create a professional movie that stands out and deliver your message to your costumers you’ll need a pro, and certainly you can find great vendors in many ways, like posting a question on Facebook, asking your friends to recommend someone they know or or looking in freelance services like fiverr or upwork for the pro that can fit your needs.

But what if you need a short and simple video to post on the company’s Facebook page, and you don’t have the budget?

Here are three ways to create a low to no budget social media movie clip:

A good and simple way to start a straight forward movie is using the presentation desktop apps Microsoft Power Point and Apple Keynote. Just create your presentation with the relevant content using dozens of well-designed and appealing templates, add a background music track, and use the export to video feature to make a video clip you can upload to YouTube and social media.

Since everyone use their phone to shot videos you can easily create a footage+motion graphics videos right from your phone to social media, with apps like Clips (if you’re on iPhone), Quik and many more. You can generate a smooth looking video much like the Instagram story format. All of them are very simple to use and will do the job.

Another great simple solution is to use animation templates platforms like Promo, wibbitz, and magisto that can generate a professional marketing video. Some of them require a monthly subscription but it’s a good starting point if you need something fast that looks very professional, it's worth investing the short learning curve especially if you need new videos frequently.

But if you need a customized video that tells a more complex, more detailed story with a costume design, or if you just don’t have the time to manage the execution by yourself, then it’s time to turn to the pros

Like I mention in the beginning there are many vendors and freelance with an a-z stop-shops solutions and choosing one can be very simple. My best advice for choosing the right vendor is to take a look at the presented previous work and see if you can relate to the work and style.

So good luck making the next great info-graphic movie.

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