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Gerry Rufman

A dynamic Video Artist and Senior Motion Graphics Designer seeks to bring 15+ years of progressive experience to an industry-leading organization. Strong history in high-level video design, motion graphics, and animation production roles. Proven record of creating professional videos, motion graphics, and animations while maintaining all quality, brand, and image standards. Diligent and goal-oriented, with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to make an immediate positive impact in any fast-paced team. 

Career Highlights 

Exceling in 2D and 3D animation, graphic design, and VFX while maintaining brand and image standards.
Using attention to detail to meet objectives outlined in creative brief and project specifications.
Strong knowledge of programing language in After Effects (Expressions) and Cinema 4D (Xpresso).
•    Combining strong organizational and time management skills to meet multiple deadlines simultaneously.
•    Maintaining an expert-level knowledge of video and animation fundamentals, techniques, and software.
•    Coordinating with Creative Directors to create, define, and communicate project requirements.
•    Meeting or outperforming content schedules and deadlines while managing multiple creative projects.
•    Performing script writing, storyboarding, directing, videography, video editing, and other key duties.

Professional Experience 

Conceptualizing, shooting, editing, and producing quality videos and media. Creating commercial ads and TV promos. Setting and maintaining high creative standards across all video projects. 

•    Combining communication skills with expert video production, animation, and graphic design knowledge.
•    Adapting to changing deadlines while managing multiple priorities with accuracy and attention to detail.
•    Leading creative teams to complete animation, VFX, and video projects from ideation to delivery.
•    Utilizing all video editing, animation, graphic design, VFX, and post-production software and techniques.

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